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Do different oil types, when mixed with pigment, affect the light fastness of paint?

Q: I am working on a project that involves mixing my own pigment with different types of oils and seeing if the different oil types affect the fading of the paints. I am having a hard time finding research on this topic so if you do not mind sending me information that you might feel of importance to this topic I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time! Hillary Morgann

A: As you would be aware, we are an acrylic paint manufacturer – and do not create oil paints. I suggest you try contacting one of the oil paint manufacturers directly for this information, simply because they would have done research and testing on the various raw materials used in the manufacture of oil paints and would be able to provide you with a clear answer to your enquiry.

You may also want to look through our FAQ and website for information on pigments and ASTM ratings – which may help you somewhat.

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