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I want to try Matisse Flow paint to airbrush a mural on a car, what is the best clear coat to use to protect the image.

We have had artists use our Flow Formula paints, or indeed, our new Matisse Inks to airbrush onto cars, motorcycles, and the like.
From what we’ve heard, there hasn’t been any issues using the normal automotive clear coat to protect the image – however, as these (clear automotive coatings) are not products we manufacture, we are unable to provide much more information about which product is a better choice.
We would recommend discussing your issues with a reputable airbrush or automotive supply company as they would have a lot of experience in airbrush coatings and would be able to recommend a suitable product your purpose (airbrushing on cars).

For more information about airbrushing, have a look in our Airbrushing techniques page on our Derivan website. At the bottom of this page is information on how to reduce water sensitivity – which would be important for outdoor use.

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