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Where did the name Derivan come from?

We often get asked by people how the name Matisse Derivan came to be. Here’s how…nDerivan: Legend has it that the name Derivan came about when the Company was first trying to register its name around the world. The firm employed to register the trademark around the world came back and said the name that had been chosen was not available in several countries and suggested it would be prudent to choose a few names to give them some lee-way. So where does Derivan come from ..apparently it is a derivative of derivative !!!!!!nMatisse: Once again legend has it that the project name was Matisse, each time a new range is in the research and development phase it is given a name (or nowadays it tends to be a number). As one of the people first involved with the project was obsessed with the work of Henri Matisse the project was given this name…and it stuck! Further information can be found at