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Matisse Structure Formula
Matisse Structure Formula is a rich impasto paint that artists love. Available in 95 colours, including several uniquely Australian tones.
Matisse Flow Formula
All the attributes of the Structure Formula, but with a thinner viscosity to allow free flowing brushstrokes or use through an airbrush (with minimal dilution). This paint gives a fine flow with a low-sheen finish and good leveling properties.
Manufacturing Artists Materials since 1964
Matisse Inks
Matisse Inks are acrylic based, highly pigmented inks, available in 22 bright, intense colours, including metallics and iridescents, all fully intermixable.
Matisse Dry Mediums
Eighteen new dry mediums for acrylics and oils: Add Matisse Dry Mediums to the existing Matisse Mediums and Derivan Mediums for a virtually unlimited range of stunning textural effects.
Matisse Background Colours
Matisse Background Colours are a highly pigmented low-tooth gesso. Used directly onto wood, the Background Colour will not only cover and create a great

Derivan is an Australian company and maker of the finest quality artist materials, including the famous Matisse range of professional artist acrylic paints and paint products.
Welcome to our site, where you can find information on our products, tips on techniques, projects to do, and so much more.


Matisse Products

Only the finest quality pigments and ingredients are selected for the Matisse ranges of premium artists acrylic colours.


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There’s so much more you can do with Derivan paints and mediums! Here are some techniques and other support information to get you started…


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Artists gallery, Matisse YouTube Channel & Art Documentation

  • colourbook A practical and informative book that will to help you understand colour, colour schemes and most of all to help you discover what it is you like about colour. [read more]

  • matisse app icon Now available for download, the Matisse product matching app allows you to use either an image, or the iPhone camera, to select an area of colour and find the closest matching acrylic paint from the Matisse Artist Acrylic paint range.

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Artists Quotes

  • Every artist was first an amateur.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
    Edgar Degas
  • Watercolors is the first and the last thing an artist does...
    Willem de Kooning
  • Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.
    Oscar Wilde
  • When I haven’t any blue I use red.
    Pablo Picasso
  • When the colour achieves richness, the form attains its fullness also
    Paul Cezanne
  • "The most fundamental reason one paints is in order to see".
    Brett Whiteley
  • "Purer colours... have in themselves, independently of the objects they serve to express, a significant action on the feelings of those who look at them".
    Henri Matisse